Monday, 21 of April 2014

The Sheriff

The Sheriff coverSheriff Denebola is recruited by young Toby to help rid his village of a winged demon. The demon has tormented the people of Angel’s Keep every night for the past week so Denebola vows to capture the creature. However, the demon is not the only shadow cast over Angel’s Keep and Denebola soon finds himself caught up in a mystery where angels, demons, heroes and villains are not all that they seem.

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WORD LIMIT:   1500 words


PRIZES:   1ST £50     2ND £25    3RD £15

ENTRY FEE:   £5.00

OPENING SENTENCE:      ”She did not need a looking glass to know she must look a fright.”

Cheques made payable to Sue Johnson

Double space entry

Put contact details on separate sheet

Entries will not be returned, so please do not send your only copy!
Only postal entries accepted. Please ensure correct postage!


Send To:


‘Ridiculous’ Short Story Competition,

c/o 2, Teme Close,




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Satan’s Shorts

Satan’s Shorts coverCurious about the day that Saint Christopher found out he’d been declared non-existent by the pope? What exactly is a cat in Hell’s chance? How would an annual Christmas present exchange between Heaven and Hell work out? Find out the answers to these and other pressing questions in this collection of short stories from the world of Clovenhoof.

This contains the stories Clovenhoof’s Shed and Clovenhoof Goes To Night School, which were previously published individually, but there are eight other stories included here featuring favourite characters from Heaven and Hell.


  • Clovenhoof goes to Night School.
  • Patron Saint of Nothing At All.
  • Clovenhoof and the Snowmen.
  • Saint Nicholas and the Krampus.
  • Detritus at the Church Fete.
  • Clovenhoof and the Spiders.
  • A Cat in Hell’s Chance.
  • The Non-Specific Prayer Assessment Unit.
  • The Hoof.
  • Clovenhoof’s Shed.

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Event at Kings Heath Library

Recently published book The Sea in Birmingham celebrates 30 years of the influential Tindal Street Fiction Group

Contributors Sibyl Ruth, Polly Wright and James Goodwin will be at Kings Heath Library on

Thursday 27th February at 7.30pm

to read, talk about their work and discuss writing groups.


This is a free event. Doors open at 7.15pm


Kings Heath Library, High Street, Kings Heath,  Birmingham B14 7SW

0121 464 1515

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Write a chocolate short story and win lunch with Joanne Harris

The FIG Tree in Garstang is delighted to announce their FIRST SHORT STORY WRITING COMPETITION!
The challenge for budding writers is to write a piece in any genre in no more than 1000 words on the theme of chocolate.
Shortlisted entries to be judged by our patron, the acclaimed author Joanne Harris
PRIZE: The top three finalists will be invited for lunch with Joanne Harris at The FIG Tree on Sunday 27th April 2014 and given free admission to her talk and discussion at the Crofters Hotel on the  same day.
Entry fee: £4 per story or £7 for two stories
No restriction on the number of stories entered by any individual
1000 words maximum per short story
Closing date: Friday 14th February 2014
Find full details here:

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In That Other Dimension

In That Other Dimension coverParallel dimensions are actually quite squiggly in nature.

This is one of many lessons which Carlos Ernesto Amadeus von Schnaart will learn during his accidental journey into the unknown. Finding the way home and explaining his tequila fuelled disappearance to his fiancee will become minor worries when he he finds himself kidnapped by the evil scientist Dr Funk. Follow Carlos’s adventures through the parallel universe and find out what happens to him when he gets lost “In That Other Dimension…”

Warning: Contains traces of ducks, cake dragons, jelly babies and the infamous Unicorn Mountain. May induce laughter.

Matty Millard has a way of making you feel you’re sitting there with him as you read: he’s telling you a story but he’s also beside you, pointing out bits, telling you extra things, it’s like having the writer with you and making you smile.” – William Gallagher

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MMU Novella Award

In 2014, Manchester Metropolitan University’s Cheshire Faculty is launching the inaugural MMU Novella Award, the first iteration of what will become a bi-annual literary prize. The competition will conclude with a one-day Novella Festival at the Cheshire Campus consisting of readings, talks and panel discussions. Novelist Jenn Ashworth will front the judging panel and decide the winner after a team of internal readers whittles down the submissions to a shortlist

Entries must be between 20,000 and 40,000 words long. The closing date for the competition is 23 May 2014


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Hour of Writes

The following is from Alison Ireland who has set up a new website called Hour of Writes.

Hour of Writes is designed to be a peaceful space – a blank piece of paper – in the busy online world, where you can find time to write down, share and structure your thoughts, in the context of a life which often has other priorities.

The focus point is an hour-long writing competition each week (with a cash prize). Sometimes, when variables are controlled, the mind’s creativity is able to flourish. It feels like freedom.

Interested? We’re currently asking other like-minded writers from all over the world to pre-register as founder members before the public launch of the site, and to help us with the testing phase: Write to us if you want to be involved!

Hour of Writes is also producing a series of articles about creative writing, and how people relate creative writing practice to their private, work and social lives. Some of the material for these pieces comes from a big survey we’re conducting, of writers and writing groups all over the world:

In return for completing the survey, we’ll give you a free credit (competition entry) to use on the Hour of Writes website following its launch this Spring – instructions are at the end of the survey. We’ll also send you the articles mentioned above as they’re published.

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Belper Short Story Competition

Due to its success last year, the Belper short story competition will again form part of the wider Belper Arts Festival.

Entrants may submit, by 31st March 2014, an original, previously unpublished story on any subject or genre.

The maximum word limit is 2500. There is an entry fee of £5 per story.

The best story will recieve a prize of £200. Second prize is a £50 book voucher.

Contact Kathy or Joan for an entry form.

Note that Birmingham Writers Group member Simon Fairbanks won this competition last year – take a look at his winning entry at the page above!

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Abandoned Press

We received the following from Abandoned Press:

We’re the Abandoned Press, at, email address, and we’re looking for authors whose writing excites, perhaps the sort of work that would not normally be picked up by more established publishers.
Our intention is to publish actual, old-fashioned, physical, paper books – alongside online publishing and e-books – as we believe that there is still a future in the medium. Just to clarify, this is not about vanity publishing – we don’t intend to publish anything we don’t love.


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