Thursday, 26 of November 2015


Below is a list of our upcoming events. New members are always welcome to attend; please consider contacting us in advance so that we can send you any relevant information or answer any questions you may have.

Unless otherwise stated, all regular meetings run from 18:00 to 20:00, with a ten-minute break around halfway through. We meet at the St. Martin’s in the Bull Ring community centre, usually meeting up outside the church before heading in.

Many members go to a local pub (usually the Briar Rose on Bennett’s Hill) after the meeting to continue discussions, but this is entirely optional!

Programme may be subject to change.

Wed 18 November 2015standard meeting

Wed 02 December 2015standard meeting. Optional theme: “A great day out”

Wed 16 December 2015 – BWG Christmas celebration

Wed 06 January 2016 – standard meeting

Wed 20 January 2016 – standard meeting

Wed 03 February 2016 – BWG Annual General Meeting – our yearly opportunity to review the year, elect a new committee, and decide a new events programme

Wed 17 February 2016 – standard meeting

Wed 02 March 2016 – an evening of actually writing (bring along your pens/pencils/paper/pads/’puters) inspired by stimuli of photographs/images (bring some along)

Wed 16 March 2016 – standard meeting. Optional theme: current events.