Monday, 27 of March 2023

In Other Hands

In Other Hands coverA rucksack is stolen. It is a simple and unremarkable theft but it will have far-reaching consequences for five disparate, yet equally marginalised, individuals.

The Victim – Karen is grieving over the loss of her little girl, Amy. The theft of a toy rabbit, the only keepsake Karen has of her little girl, leads her to take some drastic actions to retrieve it.

The Thief – Clarke is a failed businessman deeply in debt to the merciless loan shark Michaels and, having run out of friends to take pity on him, is facing life on the streets if he can’t change something in his own life to turn his fortunes around.

The Loan Shark’s Hired Muscle – Danny has recently served a year-long sentence for child pornography offences, and is struggling to cope with life outside. A social pariah, he seeks solace in the insular world of an on-line virtual reality game, i-Land.

The Therapist – Jane has been helping Karen through the grieving process for the last two years and is perhaps the only person who knows that the relationship Karen had with Amy was not a normal one. Jane, like Danny, spends much of her life in the virtual i-Land, an escape from the bone disease that is inexorably killing her.
The Scientist – Nadia has, with Karen’s help, been tracking the progress of a mysterious plague amongst the city’s urban fox population but finds she has more than work on her mind when MI5 agents appear on her doorstep investigating her family’s links to international terrorism.

In Other Hands is a story about people on the margins of society and the ties that bind us all together.

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