Tuesday, 28 of March 2023

How to Write a Collaborative Novel

How to Write a Collaborative Novel coverYour goal:

  • Write a novel with one or more partners

Learn how to:

  • find a writing partner
  • harness the creative energy that comes with collaboration
  • avoid problems in working with someone else
  • write a novel that you’re both passionate about


  • suggested frameworks for organising tasks
  • activities to help you generate and organise ideas
  • real life anecdotes and examples

Best-selling comic fantasy authors, Heide Goody and Iain Grant, have drawn on their years of collaborative writing experience to create this guide for every collaborative writer. From finding a writing partner, to generating those important story ideas, to actually writing your novel and seeing it through to publication, this book will walk you through the pitfalls and challenges of collaborative writing.

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