Wednesday, 19 of February 2020

Hour of Writes

The following is from Alison Ireland who has set up a new website called Hour of Writes.

Hour of Writes is designed to be a peaceful space – a blank piece of paper – in the busy online world, where you can find time to write down, share and structure your thoughts, in the context of a life which often has other priorities.

The focus point is an hour-long writing competition each week (with a cash prize). Sometimes, when variables are controlled, the mind’s creativity is able to flourish. It feels like freedom.

Interested? We’re currently asking other like-minded writers from all over the world to pre-register as founder members before the public launch of the site, and to help us with the testing phase: Write to us if you want to be involved!

Hour of Writes is also producing a series of articles about creative writing, and how people relate creative writing practice to their private, work and social lives. Some of the material for these pieces comes from a big survey we’re conducting, of writers and writing groups all over the world:

In return for completing the survey, we’ll give you a free credit (competition entry) to use on the Hour of Writes website following its launch this Spring – instructions are at the end of the survey. We’ll also send you the articles mentioned above as they’re published.

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