Monday, 27 of March 2023

Request for help with a project

The following request has been sent to us from Emil:

Dear all, I am a neuroscientist at University of Birmingham, and for the last few years I have been involved with several initiatives on Public Engagement with Science. One perspective that drives me is my feeling that science does not has a proper place in the cultural narrative of our time. It is certainly respected, it is certainly discussed about – but the majority of people treat from a certain distance. And I’d like to change that, and one initiative is to try to organise a group of storytelling with an interest and focus on science – in a variety of setups and forms of presentation.
I am thus reaching out to you, a group of writers, to see if anybody is interested in engaging with this challenge – maybe some pieces (shorter or longer, sketches or more elaborate) on or about science: the way you experience it yourself, the way you relate to it – all good or bad; I am not looking at eulogies of science, but at personal experiences of science (either as data or facts, or through its stated or experienced meanings).
At some point, depending also on the interest that this initiative might generate, I would also be willing and able to organise a workshop with scientists, for people who might want to work and develop further such mini-projects.

If interested, get in touch with me: Emil Toescu, on

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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