Saturday, 20 of October 2018

Future Bookshelf – submission window



A new, unagented and unpublished writer with a brilliant idea that belongs on the bookshelf of the future.

You are someone who feels that the publishing industry doesn’t adequately represent people from your background or with your experiences – and you want to change that. You might be from a BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) or LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer) community, from a socio-economically marginalised background, or have a disability.

It doesn’t matter if your book isn’t quite finished yet, or if you think it needs a bit of editing before it’s ready; we’re looking for someone who is committed to being a writer and who is ready to work hard to develop their idea.

If this sounds like you then we’d love to read your book.



We are Hodder & Stoughton, Headline, John Murray Press and Quercus, part of one of the UK’s largest publishers. Together we publish a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, from edge-of-your-seat crime thrillers to smart women’s fiction, and from books by YouTube stars to autobiographies from the world’s best-known sportspeople. We are proud to be the publishers of Stephen King, Martina Cole, Jodi Picoult, The Sidemen, Stieg Larsson, Trevor Noah, David Mitchell, Andrea Levy, Katie Piper, Mo Farrah, Graham Norton, and many more.



We are always on the lookout for brilliant new talent – for writers and books that surprise us, inspire us, make us laugh, make us cry or tell us something that we didn’t know about the world.

Specifically, we are looking for novels and non-fiction projects from new voices.

  • A novel is a work of fiction that is 50,000 words or longer. It can be in any genre.
  • A non-fiction project is a work of non-fiction that is 50,000 words or longer. It can be on any subject.


So whether you’re writing science fiction or serious non-fiction, if you think you’re the next Martina Cole, or if have written a story to rival Stephen King, we want to read it.


At the moment, we aren’t looking for the following types of book:


  • children’s books
  • illustrated non-fiction and cookery
  • graphic novels
  • poetry
  • short fiction or short fiction collections



If you are submitting a novel, you will be asked to submit:


  • a three-thousand-word sample from your novel and a two-page synopsis of the book

If you are submitting a non-fiction project, you will be asked to submit:


  • a brief outline (maximum two pages) of the whole book and a three-thousand-word sample of your writing.


The submissions period will open at 12 am GMT on 1 December 2017, and will close on 7 December 2017, at 11.59 pm GMT.


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