Monday, 18 of June 2018

Contributions wanted for one-off magazine on Birmingham


We’re looking for news stories, long-form features, flash, short and long form fiction, poetry, photo stories, illustrations, interviews and opinion pieces about Birmingham for a one-off edition of BRUM.

We’re interested in new and original ideas to tell the different stories of the people, history and culture of the city. You do not have to have lived in Birmingham, or even visited the city. We want to tell the story of Birmingham from any perspective – from the long term resident to the far-off observer.

Your story can be in the first, second or third person. It can be celebratory or scathing. It can even be told from the perspective of an historic figure, or that of a future resident.

But it must tell us something about Birmingham today that we’d be hard pressed to read elsewhere.

BRUM is a one-off publication designed to explore the people and perceptions of the UK’s second-largest and all-to-often overlooked city. It’s aim is not to sell the city, but to intertwine the various and diverse narratives of the city in a single place, at a single time.

It will be printed in tabloid format (but not red-top tabloid style) and sold* and distributed across the city and online.

Get in touch
Send your pitch (including word length) to Fred at

Any queries – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

*yet to be decided; as close to free as possible

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