Monday, 27 of March 2023

Travelling Book Project

From Mike Raven:

I wondered if the members of the Birmingham Writers’ Group might be interested in a project that I’m organising at the moment?

The idea behind the Travelling Book project is that a blank journal travels around the world, from person to person, with each person writing in the book about their lives and interests. When complete the journal is made available on the Internet for everyone to see. It gives people an opportunity to be creative, to collaborate, and to find out what different parts of the world is like from the people actually living there.

I’m aiming to send a whole host of travelling books around the world, and to also provide a website so that participants can track the progress of the books.  The campaign for the project ends on August the 4th, after which books will start to be produced and sent out.

If people would like more information, do please check out the project page at

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