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Human 76

Human 76 cover
In Human 76 fourteen authors take you on an unprecedented post-apocalyptic journey – the saga of Ghabrie, the girl and the myth, and her determination to find her sister and to make them a future in a fractured world. All proceeds from the book will be donated to the charity Water Is Life, who provide clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs to schools and villages in desperate need worldwide.

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Cutthroats and Curses

Cutthroats and Curses cover
Cutthroats and Curses is a rousing collection of eleven wind-powered, piratical short stories from eleven different authors.

“Here we have, not only mongrel pirates of the Spanish main, but steampunk pirates of the air, dimension hopping pirates in time, demon-fighting fantasy pirates, and even one pirate whose rash decision leads him into the paths of classic gothic horror… The collection is capped, fore and aft, by the joyful irreverence of editor Michael Wombat’s own Mr Crow and wrapped up, once more, in glorious cover art from Kit Cooper.”

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Find the Lady

Find the Lady cover
Find the Lady is an investigation of the girl previously introduced as Kathryn Blake. Where does she come from and… where does she belong? To her potential employer, collecting statements about this troublesome asset, one thing is clear: this lady is never the lady you expect her to be, she is the pea under the thimble, the grinning queen who was never in the pack.

“That such a large number of voices never become confused is tribute enough to Brightsmith as an author, but add to that the intrigue, the wit and the exquisitely turned words…”

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Viennese Waltz

Viennese Waltz cover
Viennese Waltz is an introduction to flamboyant traceuse, nerveless pickpocket, and unrivalled cat-burglar Kathryn Blake, and what better place to meet her than Vienna, that city of a thousand faces? For Vienna is always about dancing, if not bright waltzes by candlelight, then a shadow of intricate cold war quadrilles in the dark.

“…a carefully-plotted tale that twists your emotions, and features strong capable women, intrigue, exotic locations, supremely well drawn characters and fine prose.”

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